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How To Check a Pulse

•Turn your left hand so that your palm is face-up
•With the index and middle fingers of your right hand, draw a line from the base of your thumb to just below the crease in your wrist.


•Your fingers should nestle just to the left of the large tendon that pops up when you bend your wrist toward you.

•Don’t press too hard, that will make the pulse go away.

•Notice whether your pulse is regular or irregular.

To take your pulse rate:

•Find a watch with a second hand and place it on your right wrist or on the table next to your left hand.


•After finding your pulse, count the number of beats for 20 seconds.

•Multiply by 3 to get your heart rate, or beats per minute (or just count for 60 seconds for a math-free option).

Normal, resting heart rate is about 60-100 beats per minute.


About Dr. Emaediong Akpan-Ekpo

Dr. Emaediong Akpan-Ekpo
Dr. Emaediong Akpan-Ekpo is a young physician leader with outstanding and extensive research experience in Maternal Health (MH), Reproductive Health (RH) and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

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