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How Alcohol Will Kill You 2

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy usually leads to birth defects, and may cause a miscarriage. When a pregnant woman takes alcohol, her unborn child also take the same concentration of alcohol. Alcohol in an unborn child impedes normal development. Commonly, a disorder known as Foetal Alcohol Syndrome occurs. This syndrome represents a spectrum of physical and mental defects which develops in unborn children when their mother took excessive alcohol during pregnancy.

How Alcohol Kills You

Alcohol is one of the leading causes of industrial, traffic and domestic accidents. The risk of having an accident increases with increased concentration of alcohol in the body.

Alcohol is a depressant of the central nervous system and thus slows down the brain, normal sensory and motor responses to danger. Alcohol impairs normal judgement and reasoning, upsets balance and co-ordination, affects hearing and vision, impairs concentration and causes drowsiness. These factors predispose to accidents which could potentially lead to death.

For drivers, alcohol reduces the ability to see distant objects, makes you have blurred and double vision, reduces perceptive ability and severely impairs peripheral vision. Alcohol is also implicated in risky sexual behaviours and violent crimes, thereby predisposing one to premature death.

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