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Are Orgasms Sexual Seizures ?

 An orgasm can be described as a powerful, pleasurable release of accumulated sexual tension. During orgasm, an individual may experience a rise in blood pressure, an increased heart rate, heavy breathing, and rhythmic muscular contractions.


 Adam Safron Ph. D, in a recent study – reported in the journal Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psychology – set out to gain a better understanding of how the human orgasm affects the brain.

 Safron explains that rhythmic sexual stimulation – if intense and long lasting enough – can boost neural oscillations at correlating frequencies, a process called “neural entrainment.”

 This process may be responsible for what Safron describes as a “sexual trance,” where sole focus is on the immediate sensation experienced.

 Safron also identified similarities between orgasms and reflex seizures, noting that both of these experiences can be triggered by rhythmic stimulation that induces rhythmic activity in the brain.

 Additionally, the researcher found that the way the brain reacts to rhythmic sexual stimulation is comparable to the way it responds to rhythmic music and dance.

Source: Medical News Today.

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